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Kid-Friendly and Co-Ed Baby Showers

While it is traditional for baby showers to be women-only, it is increasingly acceptable for these events to be both kid-friendly and/or co-ed. New dads are much more involved in childcare today than they were fifty years ago, and inviting them to take part in the excitement leading up to the birth of their baby can be a wonderful gesture. Likewise, if the expecting mother or parent has children, they may wish for their child to attend the shower as well. If that is the case, guests are usually invited to bring their children as well.

My husband and I were living far from our families when we were expecting our first child. My mother-in-law offered to host a baby shower for the two of us when we were home for the holidays. It was held in the evening and many of our relatives and family friends—including both husband and wives—were invited. Hors d'oeuvres and wine were served. We opened the gifts just like you would do at a girls-only baby shower, with all the oohs and ahhs. It felt right having my husband there with me as we were both excited and nervous for our first child!

-Lesley and Mike, Michigan

Here is a great crafting activity to keep children busy during a kid-friendly shower:

Lollipop & Flower Garden

For children ages 4 and up

You will need:
Green craft foam
Buttons of varying colors
Stiff construction paper of varying colors
Green pipe cleaners
Organic lollipops

What to do:
Before the party, cut the green craft foam into foot long pieces.

You’ll first make the button flowers. Cut out the shapes of flowers from the construction paper. Depending on the age of the children, simply cutting a circle will work fine. For an older crowd, star shapes would also work well. Have each child choose a button to place in the center of the flower. Poke a pipe cleaner through your flower so that it comes up and through the first hole of the button, then poke it down through the next hole in the button and through your flower. Twist the short end of the pipe cleaner around the long end, as close as possible to the flower and button.

Hand each child their own green foam piece. This is their garden. Now have the children “plant” their flower and the lollipops into the garden by poking the lollipop stick or pipe cleaner into the green foam. An option is to have premade one button flower for each child to add to their garden or, if there is time and the children are older, make additional flowers at the party. The result is a colorful garden of lollipops and flowers!

Kid-Friendly and Co-Ed

Co-ed and kid-friendly are increasingly acceptable

Prepare crafting activities for kids ahead of time

Co-ed works well when couple lives a distance away


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