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Baby Shower Games


Games make great ice breakers at baby showers, as guests often come from different aspects of the mom-to-be’s life (family, work, college friends) and need to get to know one another. Here’s a list of some classic baby shower games:

- Baby Bingo: Number each present. As the guest of honor opens them, she calls out the number for people to mark on their bingo card. First person to bingo wins a prize.

- Never Say Baby!: When guests arrive, give them each a clothes peg. If someone says the word “baby,” that person gives up their peg to the person who caught them. Whoever has the most pegs at the end wins.

- Measure the Tummy: Each guest cuts a piece of ribbon or yarn to the estimated size of the mom-to-be’s belly. Everyone compares their length to her actual tummy – whoever is the closest wins!


For the not-so-shy moms-to-be, belly casting is an increasingly popular baby shower activity. Guests help apply plaster strips and warm water over the expecting mother’s torso. Once the plaster has set, the casting holds the beautiful shape of how the mom-to-be looked during her pregnancy. The sculpture can then be decorated (or left natural) and hung in the baby’s nursery. Some fun decorating ideas we have seen are:

-Brightly colored with a nursery rhyme excerpt written across it

-Dressed up as a ballerina, tutu and all!

-Textured with silk flowers to match a floral-themed nursery

Because the mom-to-be is baring her body, belly casting works best for smaller, more intimate showers. Several companies sell belly casting kits online or you can gather the materials – plaster tape and petroleum jelly – and create your own.

Another crafty baby shower activity is the creation of personalized one-pieces by the guests. One-pieces are one of the most useful items of baby clothing, as babies dirty them quickly and often. You’ll need several one-pieces (in different sizes so that the baby can wear them as he or she grows), as well as a variety of non-toxic fabric paints or markers. Each guest can decorate their own or guests can work as a team if you have a bigger group. Give your guests a half hour to complete the one-pieces and leave them on display for everyone to admire as they dry. Set up a clothesline to hang each decorated one-piece. Give the mommy-to-be the one-pieces once they are dry and she will be reminded of her special shower day every time she dresses her baby.

By far, my favorite shower gifts were the one-pieces and burp clothes my friends decorated at my first baby shower. Some wrote sayings, like “Can’t wait to meet you!” Others painted images like ducks or a car. One of my more clever friends decorated the bottom of an one-piece. I loved thinking of my friends every time I grabbed a burp cloth or put on my little girl’s decked out one-pieces.

-Meg, Virginia

Candle lighting ceremonies are another thoughtful, fashionable option for mothers planning a home birth. Each guest brings a candle to the shower. During the party, the guests light their candles and say well-wishes for the birth. Then when the candles are lit during the birth, the mom is essentially surrounded in her friends and family’s love and support.

Modern Baby Shower Games

Belly Casting

Personalized One-piece Crafting Activity

Candle Lighting Ceremony


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